The Power Of Blogging.

by Rhonda11N959696989 posted Oct 26, 2020


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A quick search on the net for blogs and you find that not only are the general public using them as a way of electronically noteing their feelings and thoughts but also businesses are using them as an informal way of updating their clients of products and services.
It seems that when it comes to blogging big businesses and small businesses are on the same playing field. A blog offers any business the opportunity to communicate with employees, and customers, sharing knowledge and expertise. As you may or may not have realised is that blogging is a big plus and if used correctly can provide an interesting and effective way to increase brand identity and awareness.

My personal web design company (Able Net Design) has seen an increase in interest of blogs and its use with our own customers. It seems that everyone is jumping on this new system, as a cheap and effective way to spread the word. A quick google search for the term "business blogging" returns 11,200,000 results.
There are even companies poping up everywhere as blog consultants, which can help set up a blog that you will get the most out of. Is blogging really as good as everyone thinks, well i am certainly having some fun with it and am sure if it didn't work it would have died by now.

But what are people blogging about? Well people are blogging about everything and anything and there are some reports that people are making a nice little income from it aswell. Income off a blog how can that be? That is the same question i asked when i first heard about it.
I would have thought that the process to making money of a blog would have been quite involved however I have discovered that it is quite the opposite. It seems that with the use of strategicly placed advertisements and a large amount of traffic bloggers are utilising the paid to click type of advertisements, to earn profits.

Now i thought this has to be tested, so i impletemented a few different paid to click advertisements on my blogs to see how they go. It took me little over 10 minutes to change my blog templates and implement these advertisements. So with the ads up and running i decided to continue posting as usual to see what happens.
Well i can say that im not going to get rich quick. However i assume that the more traffic you have the more clicks you will get, and since my blogs are relatively new i didn't have high hopes. But all in all it is a fun way to keep the bloging interesting. The blogging revolution just seems to keep on getting bigger and bigger with Google and Yahoo releasing its on Blog search engine and others like Technorati which would be the most well known blog search engine.

Technorati claims to be tracking 20.1 million sites, and if you view their top 100 blogs you will see that the topics which are being blogged about are endless and unique in every category you could think of. For more information on blogs and how you can get one check out our site ( or read my online marketing blog ( there will be more information on blogs posted in their as time goes on im sure of it.

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