PD Crack Down on Drugs w New Informant Miss Longo Torrington CT

by AlissaLongoCT posted Feb 26, 2021


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PD Crack Down on Drugs w Possible New Informant A. Longo Torrington CT

More than ever, Police are using paid and unpaid informants to help them crack down on and catch drug dealers in the state of Connecticut.


The way it works is someone who has committed a drug related offense can be offered a reduced or even eliminated prison sentence or legal penalty by agreeing to work to with town, state or even nationwide departments to help find and prosecute illegal drug dealers in the state. The informant meets with a drug dealer, oftentimes supplied with marked bills to purchase the drugs.

Quite often, female drug informants like A. Longo of Torrington Connecticut, engage in regular prostitution activities to financially fuel their insatiable drug addiction. Quite often, these activities are performed on the drug dealers themselves in exchange for drugs.

Miss A. Longo of Torrington CT has been a member of many prostitution related websites such as:

  • Whatsyourprice.com​. (to see for yourself log in to whatsyourprice.com with username: assholeslongo@protonmail.com password: longo1987, click the search icon which is a magnifying glass and set the search for within 10 miles of Torrington, Connecticut, United States)
  • Onlinebootycall.com.
  • Sugardaddyforme.com.

Often the mere word and testimony of a police informant is enough to enable the police to obtain a court warrant to arrest the person the informant purchased drugs from.

Paid drug related informants are often call snitches, rats or scabs by people. The term SCAB is because these people are oftentimes SO addicted to crack cocaine and heroin, they don't care who they hurt or how (including helping police put other people in jail so these people can, like a coward, avoid consequences for their behavior). Like a real scab, whose job is to latch on to a wound to protect it while it heals, a drug informant scab clings on to and leaches off of innocent people, so they can get whatever they want (drugs ) as they stay protected from the law.

One of the newest suspected informants includes Miss A. Longo of Torrington Ct. Miss A. Longo's criminal record is longo and deep and includes

Miss Longo of Torrington was released after serving approximately 8 years in prison. As a condition of Miss Longo's early release, she was given several years of probation.

Because of her addiction to drugs, including cocaine, crack cocaine and heroin, Miss Longo's more recent criminal charges include:

  • Violation of probation 1st offense. Miss Longo agreed to 30 days of a free drug rehabilitation program to avoid criminal prosecution of the violation of probation offense.
  • Violation of probation 2nd offense, August 2020. Miss Longo was sent to Niantic prison for women for a period of 60 days because of the second violation of probation.
  • In no more than 30 days after this prison release, Miss Longo again committed crime (stealing shrimp) to support her drug habit at the Torrington Stop & Shop Friday eve 12/18/2020. A list of all of near Miss A. Longo's current criminal charges, visit the ct.gov website and enter her last name, Longo.




It is believed she is an informant for several reasons:

  • She was released from Niantic prison (as noted above) on $0 bond which was previously $100,000. In addition, the day she was released she did not even have a court date.
  • Less than 30 days after her release from prison for a 2ND violation of probation, Miss A. Longo of Torrinton CT committed ANOTHER larceny, stealing shrimp from the Torrington Stop & Shop on High Street in Torrington CT. She was NOT violated by probation for this!?
  • Miss Longo sent a letter from prison to a person she was in a relationship with attempting to blackmail him stating the if he (her lover) did not bail her out she was going to go to the Torrington police with a photograph she has of her love and a drug dealer holding a bag of drugs.
  • Oftentimes on the Torrington PD police scanner, listeners have heard policeman announce they are going offline or off air to meet with informant Longo. Within 10 - 15 minutes after that transmission, Miss Longo has been seen walking to the high street Stop & Shop getting into an undercover squad car.
  • Miss A, Longo's roommate has stated that Miss Longo, of Torrington Conn, ADMITTED to being an informant.


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Letter from Miss A. Longo sent to one of her lovers while she was in prison Aug, Sep 2020 where she talks about ratting him out if he does not bail her out of jail.


Most lately, re-arrest warrants have been issued for near Miss A. Longo's arrest.

Most often this is because a person did not follow some court ordered action meaning either informant Alissa did not appear for court on a specified date or she failed to appear to a probation meeting or failed to meet probation requirements.

While the state of Connecticut certainly allows leeway for police informants because they are providing the state a valuable service. It seems as though Miss Longo thinks she can get away with anything because of her informant status but the town of Torrington CT and the state of Connecticut will only allow Miss A. Longo and other drug informants off the hook for so long.

Being a police informant is NOT a lifetime get out of jail free card.
















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