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YouTube Tags Viewer

The YouTube Tags Viewer lets you input the URL of a video and you're given each of the tags/keywords linked to that video.

To use the YouTube Tags Viewer to pull tags/keywords for a YouTube video:

  1. Using your internet browser, Go to the page containing the video you wish to extract the videos tags of.
  2. In the internet browsers address bar, copy to clipboard the chunk of the videos web address that comes AFTER which will be a series of 10 or so numerals/letters.
  3. Paste (CTRL + V) that in the textbox below & click the View & Extract YouTube Tags button.
  4. In just a few seconds, all the tags/keywords for the YouTube video will be revealed. Videos URL Section After
View & Extract Videos Tags

The section of the YouTube video url to copy & paste into the tags viewer internet utility video url part to put into the tags extractor online tool.
YouTube video internet address part to enter into this YouTube tags viewer internet tool.

What are Tags/Keywords and Why are They Important for YouTube Videos Serp?

Tags, for any video, are for the most part, another word for keywords. They are words & phrases that are ways of describing what the videos content is.

Let us say the videos subject matter is how to extract tags from youtube video online

Here are some examples of effective video tags:

You see from the list of tags/keywords, first is the video most important tag/keyword, followed by parts of the main keyword phrase.

The reason YouTube keywords are critical is they are piece of a complex algorithm uses to establish the placement YOUR video can be seen in the similar videos. Not to mention other search engine searches.

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